A battery gigafactory to be built in Šurany

The government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gotion InoBat Batteries (GIB) for the construction of a battery factory in Shurani. Construction of the factory is expected to start in 2024, and the government has committed to provide subsidies, settle the land, prepare the building plot and ensure connection to the electricity grid. The Gigafactory is expected to stand on 65 hectares and create thousands of jobs within a few years. It will reach a capacity of 20 GWh in the first development phase, but has the potential to reach up to 40 GWh. It is expected to be fully operational in 2026.

Li Zhen , chairman of the board of Gotion High-tech , said that in the new era of energy media, batteries are the main pillar of the transition to energy storage. “With the support of the Slovak government, Gotion has the ambition to build this project as the most advanced zero-carbon footprint battery factory not only in Europe, but even globally. We hope that in the future Slovakia will not only be a world leader in per capita car production, but also in per capita battery production. The completion of the carbon footprint-free factory will significantly advance the process of sustainable development in Europe and contribute to a new global energy transformation.”

“GIB represents a joint effort by InoBat and Gotion High Tech to build a battery gigafactory in Slovakia. GIB is a unique example of a strong partnership between a fast-growing startup with cutting-edge project development experience and knowledge of the Slovak context, and a technology leader capable of providing full-scale technology and manufacturing capacity to scale up production. Together, we are able to accelerate decarbonisation efforts and place Slovakia and Europe at the centre of the green economy,” emphasised InoBat CEO Marián Boček. “We are thrilled and proud that the Government of the Slovak Republic has shown strong support and confidence in Gotion InoBat Batteries (GIB),” he said.

“This is excellent news for the Slovak automotive industry,” said Patrik Križanský, Director of the Slovak Association for Electromobility, adding, ” 30 to 40% of today’s value of an electric vehicle is in the battery and if they were not produced in Slovakia, a significant part of the added value of the vehicle would go to Poland or Hungary. According to SEVA’s calculations, our car companies will need the annual production capacity of two such gigafactories in 2035. “This is also good news in terms of job opportunities, but of course it also requires honest work by Slovak schools, as in many cases these are specialised positions for battery chemists, materials or IT engineers. Slovakia should actively participate in the European Battery Academy programme, which is a joint EU-wide initiative aimed at training new human resources in the battery industry,” added Mr Križanský.

Minister of Economy Denisa Saková praised the choice of the site. In addition to new jobs, the factory will also bring cutting-edge technology to Šuriany. “Assistance in the construction of the gigafactory in Šurany is the fulfilment of the sense of the state’s partnership with an innovative, cutting-edge and, above all, world-class company, which has its roots in Slovakia. Thanks to it, we have the opportunity to shine again on the map of countries with technologically advanced industry, while the production of batteries for electric vehicles goes hand in hand with the strong tradition of automotive production that we have in Slovakia.”

GIB is a joint venture between Slovakia’s InoBat and China’s Gotion High-Tech. Gotion High-Tech is one of the top 3 global battery conglomerates and an exclusive supplier to Volkswagen outside of China. VW also owns a 24.77% stake in Gotion High-Tech and is the company’s largest shareholder.

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